Support Services

AboutSupport Services

● To provide guidance to industries, trade and other associations to develop interest of new entrepreneurship and commercializing new ideas of start-ups, young and women entrepreneurs.

● To provide a platform for mentors, incubators & accelerators to share knowledge, educate and deliberate on capacity building of MSMEs.

● To channelize private equity, venture capital, foreign direct investment, ECB and investment to potential SME sector & other businesses.

● To support new business & trade opportunities, employment generation, contribution in revenue, expansion of industrializations in rural areas.

● To promote new technologies and ideas at National and International Levels.

● To take up issues and problems with the Reserve Bank of India, Financial Institutions and other authorities.

● To compile various issues and problems for appropriate redressal.

● To organize meetings in various of parts of India to discuss, review problems and issues of SME Sector.

● To prepare an action plan for transformation of medium-sized industries into corporates.

● To support & encourage MSMEs to avail the facilities under the provisions of ‘priority sector lending norms’.

● To set-up research & development centres and innovations and inventions support services to convert for commercial purposes.

● To provide relevant information on standards, taxation, certifications, tariffs and trade regulations.