Federation of Indian SME Associations is a national apex body, acting as a single point of contact for various Organizations, Associations, Chambers, Councils, Forums, Institutions, Confederations, Consortiums, Trade Promotional Councils, Agencies, Foundations, Incubators, Business Hubs, Co-operative Business Groups, NGOs and other business & trade organizations, who are putting efforts for the growth of Indian SMEs and also protecting their business interests. The Federation has been on the forefront to evaluate & promote various Government policies, schemes, incentives, benefits, regulatory framework, pertaining to SME, Manufacturing, Export, service sectors, other industries & businesses and providing suggestions to various Government Departments, regulatory authorities, FIs, PSUs, policymakers and other stakeholders, for policy change & timely policy implementations and appropriate redressal and solutions for creating a level playing field and emphasise & advocacy to give importance & priority in “Ease of doing business” for MSMEs and helping in revival & rehabilitation of the sick or financially stressed & struggling MSMEs. The Federation is registered undersection 8 of the Indian Companies Act and representing many States, regional and national level MSME organisations.

The Federation is supported by the Ministry of MSME, to integrate, accomplish the objectives, and encourage MSMEs to avail schemes and incentives, to present their issues for redressal and suggestions for policy change & its implementation.


  • Building confidence amongst MSMEs, so that they become self-reliant.
  • Providing a platform for various stakeholders to debate, develop & deliver.
  • Empowering SMEs to make India, the manufacturing hub of the world.
  • Economic powerhouse of the world
  • Boost growth of SMEs to help India achieve its goal of US $ 5 trillion economy.


  • Unite all SME organizations for better co-operation & leverage strengths.
  • Empower MSME organisations.
  • Interface with the Government Authorities & Regulatory Bodies.
  • Policy change and its implementation to secure the interest of the MSME sector.
  • Strengthening SMEs for Sustainable Growth.
  • Support MSME sector for economic and industrial development.