SME Global Competitiveness Council

AboutSME Global Competitiveness Council


Empowering and strengthening the SME Sector for global competitiveness.


SME Sustainability Performance Assessment for better proficiency, productivity, promotion and profitability.


The objectives of the Council are to empower and strengthen the SME Sector for global competitiveness, by providing value addition support and guidance in the fields of business management, digitalisation, transformation of business for further growth and to convert into emerging enterprises, improvement of good governance, financial management ecosystem, marketing and branding strategies for local and global markets, industrial automation by acquiring advanced and patented technology, enrichment of business valuation for attracting more investments and entering into capital markets, adhere to the compliances and formalities of the Government Agencies, development of quality leadership, improvement of quality in productivity & Made in India Brand and profitability, as well as preparing them to compete with the global markets and creating interests for better contribution for economic growth and create large number of job opportunities in various fields.

This Council Board Members will review issues and challenges of SME sector as well as performance-based assessment for better proficiency, productivity, promotion and profitability.

We invite suggestions and issues related to SME sector to provide support and guidance to mitigate the same. Please send Email on [email protected]

Members of the Council

Chairman of the Council

Shri Samir Sathe

Executive Vice President
Wadhwani Advantage
Wadhwani Foundation


Mr. S. Maheshkumar

Federation of Indian SME Associations and SME Chamber of India